Drive Additional Purchases for Home Improvement Retailer

The Challenge

A major retailer wanted to measure the impact that TV advertising had on actual purchases, while targeting a granular audience of home improvement shoppers. It also wanted to see if audience-targeting was more effective than traditional planning and buying methods.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Target

    Execute a 2-week campaign designed to reach the custom target of home improvement shoppers.

  • Data Matching

    Match third-party credit card transaction data to TV viewing data to determine TV’s impact on purchases made at the retailer.

The Results

  • 23%

    Overall, the client’s TV campaign was successful in driving purchases, increasing conversion rate by 23%.

  • $8.78

    Client’s TV campaign had an overall return on ad spend of $8.78.

  • 26%

    Simulmedia was 26% more cost efficient in reaching the custom target than the campaign’s network average.

Future Optimization

Simulmedia analyzed the campaign’s performance against every audience reached, beyond just the guaranteed custom target, to further optimize future campaigns.

  • Image alt text 1

    Females 18-34 were most responsive to the creative which featured a young woman, informing future creative and targeting strategies.

  • Image alt text 2

    Those who saw an ad fewer times had a higher return on ad spend compared to heavy ad viewers, informing future frequency targets.

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