Put Heads In Beds for Hospitality Chain

The Challenge

A hospitality chain wanted to measure its TV campaign against more than just media metrics, in order to determine the impact that TV has on its bottom line. It also wanted to tease out the difference of an audience-targeted campaign compared to its traditional plan.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Target

    Reach a custom target of frequent business travelers efficiently with 20% of the overall TV budget.

  • Data Matching

    Match client’s first-party loyalty card data to TV viewing data in order to prove TV’s impact on hotel bookings.

The Results

  • 51%

    Overall, the client’s TV campaign was successful in driving purchases, increasing conversion rate by 51%.

  • 14M

    Simulmedia reached over 14M viewers in the client’s custom target audience, 3x more than the highest reaching network.

  • 38%

    Simulmedia drove 38% lower cost-per-acquisition than the advertiser’s other TV media.

Future Optimization

Simulmedia analyzed the campaign’s performance against every audience reached, beyond just the guaranteed custom target, to further optimize future campaigns.

  • Image alt text 2

    People with lighter frequency had the largest transaction sizes, informing future campaigns to focus more on reach and less on frequency.

  • Image alt text 1

    One specific customer segment (out of 12 that were analyzed) had the highest ROAS and lowest cost-per-acquisition, informing future targeting strategies.

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