Nothing grows your business like Simulmedia.

Redefine inventory value.
Make data actionable.

Simulmedia has partnerships with various types of companies — both inventory suppliers and data providers. Our VAMOS platform leverages all of these assets to execute better TV advertising campaigns.

Inventory Owners

With every campaign, Simulmedia delivers additional ad dollars to our media partners. By using data to understand audience habits and viewership trends, Simulmedia redefines the value of under-appreciated inventory and increases yield.

We only sell data-defined audiences — never specific shows, networks, geographies, time-slots or operator footprints.

Data Providers

Simulmedia partners with multiple partners, including TV viewing data providers, credit and debit card transaction data aggregators, data management platforms, audience segmentation providers, and other big data safe havens. We work with these companies to continually advance our ability to target, reach, and measure audiences in a privacy-safe way.

We make our partners’ data actionable across TV, which directly drives their revenue, promotes their capabilities, and creates future success opportunities.

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