Improve the impact of
your next TV campaign.

How people watch TV is changing.

TV remains the most powerful advertising medium to move markets and drive results. However, reaching your customers, determining who responded, and measuring the business impact of your TV advertising is no simple task. With many options competing for consumers’ attention, marketers are more challenged than ever to realize TV's potential to grow their brands.

Simulmedia turns fragmentation into an opportunity for marketers.

  • We make TV powerful.

    With its sight, sound, motion and scale, TV is the most powerful ad medium. And despite how fragmented audiences are across TV’s many programming offerings, the average American watches 33 hours of TV per week.

    Simulmedia capitalizes on that scale through partnerships with premium TV inventory owners covering a national footprint.

    We have access to inventory across more than 80 national networks and 9 of the largest MVPDs, giving us the ability to serve over 6 billion impressions weekly.

  • We make TV predictable.

    We have built our VAMOS platform on a foundation of science, data, and technology, which makes up the core of everything we do at Simulmedia.

    VAMOS uses predictive algorithms to forecast the future viewing behavior of your audience, and then selects the right inventory that will deliver your target audience and -- most importantly -- drive business outcomes.

    Because of our predictive capabilities and inventory access, we find and reach your desired consumers, no matter where they are watching.

  • We make TV provable.

    Just targeting your audience isn’t enough. You need proof you reached your customers and inspired them to take action.

    Our reporting shows how your campaign performed against much more than media metric delivery. We directly match ad exposure data with sales data, proving the real impact of your TV campaign.

    By tying what viewers see with what they subsequently buy, we gain insights for future targeting and optimization.

  • We make TV profitable.

    By closing the loop on TV, we are showing the true business impact that TV has on an advertiser’s sales.

    We demonstrate that TV is a very profitable marketing channel, and give marketers the proof to confirm that their TV investments are wise ones.

    Our results verify the return that comes from every dollar spent on TV, thus making TV budgets self-funding profit centers.

Our VAMOS platform is the technology that powers our product offerings.

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