Business Outcomes

Impression to Impact.

Simulmedia believes TV must shift from a medium where success is based on media outputs to one that is defined by business outcomes. Marketers are able to tie digital advertising spend to sales and determine ROI, and it’s time for TV to catch up to these measurement expectations.

Our goal is to drive business impact through the power of TV and beat benchmarks of success for TV advertising.

At Simulmedia, we have pioneered proprietary data‑matching techniques to match ad exposure to business outcomes. By directly proving what people buy after seeing a TV ad, we bring revolutionary accountability to TV advertising.

Simulmedia measures your TV campaign against far more than GRPs:

  • Return on ad spend

  • Average basket size

  • Conversion rate

  • Lift from TV advertising

  • Cost-per-transaction

  • Revenue share for new versus returning customers

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