Targeted Reach

Your customers are more than just a demo.

If your goal is to generate awareness among a specific customer segment, then why do your TV campaigns target a broad age/sex demo? Your customers are unique, and with our predictive algorithms and breadth of inventory, we’ll get your ad in front of the right custom audience whenever, and wherever, they are watching TV.

Whether you’re promoting a limited time offer, trying to capture market share, launching a new product, or seeking higher awareness, Simulmedia will deliver the targeted audiences that you need to achieve your goal.

The first step to driving your business is reaching the right audience on TV.

Simulmedia will guarantee delivery against niche audience segments, such as:

  • Moms who diet for weight loss

  • Blue-collar workers who are heavy fast-food eaters

  • Homeowners who are saving
    for retirement

  • Young adults who always buy the newest tech gadgets

  • Online shoppers who
    hunt for bargains

  • Business travelers who have a household income over $100K

Want to finally reach that unique custom target on TV?

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