Reach the right people.
Drive program viewership.

As a TV marketer, you need to acquire and retain viewers all year long. And more importantly, you want to prove the direct impact of your tune-in campaigns.

Simulmedia offers targeted TV ad campaigns to help TV networks drive viewers to their programming.

We analyze television viewing data to predict future viewing patterns, and then reach those viewers most likely to tune-in to a program with promos placed across the TV landscape. Finally, we close the loop by showing who ultimately tuned in after being exposed to an ad, and what the cost-per-converted-viewer was.

We take the guesswork out of TV tune-in.

Whatever type of promotion you are running, Simulmedia can help with a targeted solution:

  • Premieres & New Shows

    • Uncommitted viewers of similar-themed shows
    • Viewers of other shows during the same timeslot to steal share
  • Returning Shows

    • Heavy viewers of the past season to ensure retention
    • Lapsed viewers of the previous season to win them back
  • Season-long Continuity

    • Viewers of the first few episodes to convert them to loyal viewers
    • Occasional viewers of later episodes to retain them through the finale

Simulmedia's Tune-in History

Simulmedia has taken the guesswork out of viewership for all genres; including regular series, live events, newscasts and specials. We’ve worked closely with partners from broadcast, cable, premium cable, and pay-per-view to drive viewers to their programming.

  • 400+
  • 7
  • 50
  • 70
    Series' Premieres

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