Why tv?

We believe that TV is the most powerful advertising medium in the world. And yet, we believe it can be even more powerful. Simulmedia is setting out to fix TV advertising, much of which is irrelevant and redundant for audiences, wasteful for advertisers and unworthy of the power of the medium to create customers. Simulmedia wants to make TV ads more relevant for viewers, more efficient for advertisers and more profitable for media owners.

agencies and advertisers

Simulmedia sells TV advertising. We work with media agencies and advertisers to find and reach specific target audiences on TV, and we do so at less cost. Over the past year, Simulmedia has helped national advertisers and their agencies target, deliver and measure more than 200 campaigns and see results that were 25-300% better than they were able to achieve with traditional TV ad scheduling and targeting methods.

How do we do it? We apply data and internet methodologies to TV advertising. Simulmedia has a massive amount of data—set-top-box data on 50 million TV viewers fused with Nielsen, MRI, TRA, and Kantar—along with access to TV ad inventory reaching 115 million homes. The data helps us accurately predict television behavior across all US viewers. We then package and sell targeted TV campaigns so advertisers can reach the right audiences at the right times on the right programs. Finally, we carefully track, measure, and analyze campaign results.

tv inventory owners

Simulmedia delivers incremental national ad dollars to our TV partners by monetizing under-appreciated inventory. The Simulmedia Audience Network identifies and predicts the viewing tendencies of valuable audiences in counter-intuitive television day-parts. We avoid sales channel conflict or confusion by only selling data-defined audiences, never specific shows, networks, geographies or time-slots.