Spring Hackathon

Amardeep Singh

Director, Data Engineering

As spring came around, we thought we would get our creative juices flowing by having a hackathon. Previous hackathons were largely an engineering only event. This time around, we teamed up with data scientists and product managers for a two day event. We wanted to have a two day event so that the teams could gather their thoughts and develop a working rhythm together.

The projects were chosen by gathering ideas from across the company and then having the participants vote on what projects they would like to work on. Once the event was kicked off, the teams were left to their projects and free to implement them however they chose. We had six teams working on a diverse set of problems and using a variety of technologies.

The only breaks were for food and coffee:


At the end of the second day, the teams presented the results to the rest of the company. Over some beer, of course:


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