Opening Up VAMOS to Clients

James Lombardi

Sr. Product Manager

With the release of our new “INSIGHTS” reporting application into beta, Simulmedia is taking a first step in opening up our VAMOS Platform directly to clients. Along with creating a best in class platform for our internal users, one of the major drivers for building VAMOS was to be able to offer a suite of applications to users outside of Simulmedia. A natural first step into a self-service world was to bring our post-campaign reporting into a web-based portal.

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Our Approach

Simulmedia has a strong history in the tune-in space. After executing targeted TV promotional campaigns to help TV marketers acquire and retain viewers, we then close the loop to show the effectiveness of that campaign at driving program viewership.The unique and powerful analysis we provide to these clients made for a natural testing ground to roll out a new reporting application, so this first release of INSIGHTS focuses on providing the right data to help TV marketers further attain their marketing objectives and to better understand the viewership of their program.

As we kicked off the project (fast on the heels of releasing VAMOS reporting features to our own internal users), we began with a review of what resonates best with both our standard post-campaign reporting and our custom analytics work, in order to understand the most important things to get into a TV marketer’s hands as quickly as possible.

The result of this review led to three core types of reports & metrics:
* Media Delivery metrics
* Outcome metrics
* Program Insight reports


Media Delivery Metrics:
The first set of reports we provide focuses on the how of the campaigns. INSIGHTS provides several different views of how both the Simulmedia Audience campaign and the clients base campaign delivered on an impression and reach basis. Along with overall campaign metrics (total impressions, GRPs, total reach, etc.), the user can view reach & impressions by day, daypart, network, and spot length.

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Outcome Metrics:
Reporting on how a campaign delivered is important, but what really matters, and what Simulmedia is focused on, is the impact the advertising has on the marketers objective. In the case of TV marketers, that outcome is how many viewers went on to watch the promoted program.

To this end, INSIGHTS provides audience conversions from the overall campaign level down to the individual spot level (with day, daypart, network, and spot length views in between). Understanding both the conversions driven along with the conversion rate for a given network (or daypart or spot) provides actionable intelligence to improve subsequent promotions.

Along with surfacing the conversions and conversion rates for various aspects of a campaign, INSIGHTS also provides Conversion Lift analysis that compares the effectiveness of both Simulmedia and the base campaign against viewers who were unexposed to any TV advertising. This view provides the TV marketer an understanding of how effective their promotions are at driving incremental viewers to the program.

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Program Insight reports:
VAMOS knows a lot about television viewing. This allows INSIGHTS to not only tell a TV marketer a lot about how impactful a campaign was, but also to provide analytics to understand the promoted program itself.

Here we breakdown the age/gender and household income attributes of the viewers of the program, along with what the marketer’s target audience was watching before, during, and after the airing of the program.

Learnings from this section can be used to refine the target in the future by better understanding what audiences are viewing, and find cases where a program resonates with an unexpected audience.

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The Future

This is just the start of giving marketers access to VAMOS, the first massively scaled, people-based targeting and measurement platform for linear TV.

In the coming months, we will continue to expand the INSIGHTS application to give more value to TV marketers (how would you like to tie advertising spend to ratings impact?), and we will expand access to clients outside of the tune-in category as well.

As a product manager, there are few things as exciting (and maybe a little bit scary) as making the jump from providing a platform for internal users to opening that platform up directly to our clients. We have lots of big plans for the future, but most importantly, we look forward to learning directly from all of you about what we can build to move your business forward through TV advertising.

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