Fixing TV's Demo Obsession

Josh Brentan

Marketing Strategist

TV viewing hasn’t declined much in recent years, but the viewership is spread over so many networks that 75% of national TV audience time occurs on shows with an average rating under 0.5. 15 years ago, advertising on such shows would be unthinkable. Today’s it’s an imperative—but with such a fragmented audience, it no longer makes sense to target broad demos like W18 – 45 when advertising for laundry detergent. In his newest MediaPost column, our Founder/CEO, Dave Morgan, argues that people and purchase-based descriptors such as “heavy detergent buyers” or “new, first-home purchasers” are essential for achieving any type of media buying efficiency. Are marketers ready to pay for more granular targets? Morgan thinks so—and, he says, the networks agree.
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