Introducing Transparent TV

Matt Collins

SVP, Marketing

Simulmedia has been a leader in advanced TV since the company’s inception more than nine years ago. In that time, we’ve received lots of useful feedback from our clients. We’ve also gotten input from those who have decided not to work with us, and one of the things we’ve heard most from them goes something like this, “Your tech is powerful, and I like your approach to maximizing reach and measuring results. I just wish you gave transparency on your pricing.”

We heard you, and today, we’re excited to offer Transparent TV™.

Transparent TV™ is a first-of-its-kind program. It gives agencies and advertisers the power to run reach-maximizing advanced TV campaigns on national inventory, against strategic audiences from Nielsen, Oracle Data Cloud, Experian, and more. It even enables the use of first party data. No matter which data set you choose, you’ll get total transparency on media outputs, business outcomes, competitive insights and, of course, pricing.

We’re offering Transparent TV™ with two ways to activate: self service and premium services. Both come with lots of choices on target audience selection, outcomes guarantees, and reporting.

We’re offering a free 30 day trial of our VAMOS software so you agencies and advertisers can try Transparent TV™ for themselves. We can get you a login quickly, and the software is easy to use.

Want to get started? Click here or give us a call at 646-201-5352 to be among the first to try Transparent TV™.

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