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What are bid pools?

Let’s start with the basics. A bid pool is a list of all potential inventory units for your Ad Set. Bid pools exist to provide brands with a forecast of which inventory units are likely to be accepted based on their bids and ad set goals - unlike any other TV advertising platform. Bid Pool Overview using a Network/Daypart view

Why this update matters

We used to send bid pools to brands manually but with the latest update, advertisers can access these pools directly in the platform in a matter of seconds - making the most transparent, biddable marketplace out there. TV advertisers typically transact well before a spot runs, but now we give brands the opportunity to tap into a list of potential inventory units in real-time with our unique forecasting capabilities. We’ve made buying TV ads as easy as buying social!

How to make changes on your bid pool

While we’re confident the system has curated the best bid pool for your brand, if you would like to impose any bid pool restrictions, we support the following:

  • Daypart
  • Day of the week
  • Network
  • Programs
  • Dates

You can make these changes to the left of your bid pool using the drop down menu. Your budget and objectives also impact your bid pool so you could try adjusting that if you would like to see different results. Bid Pool Restrictions View

What happens once a brand approves their bid pool

Once you’ve approved your bid pool to go live will commence the inventory buying process. You can view spots that are airings in the reporting dashboard and start analyzing your campaign performance with your brand’s pre-configured web events. Don’t forget, we can’t start the buying process until you’ve both uploaded your creative and set up your pixel for tracking.

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