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We’ve got good news - we’ve removed the minimum spend requirement on! All brands should consider TV as an accessible channel for growth, and makes it easy by providing the marketplace in which to do that.

How we got here

The Beta is only three months old but Simulmedia has been in the advanced TV space for over 10 years. Through a combination of patented algorithms and years of viewing history from millions of homes, we are able to make TV more predictable, provable, and performant than ever before. allows brands to move more quickly by offering transparency into campaign results and by providing optimization tools in real-time. starts with the expectation that your customers will respond to your TV campaign similarly to an average advertiser’s performance. By running ads at budget levels that work for your brand, the marketplace will start to get readings on your ad that go beyond that baseline response. then optimizes your ad performance based on these learnings and continues to make your budget work harder for you. While it is possible to flood money on TV to get dramatic response levels, we’ve learned you can start with a small budget, allow time to collect enough data to then optimize and scale just as effectively.

What this means for you

Since you can still drive meaningful reach and thus extract valuable learnings at any price point, your spend is up to you! Moving forward, you will determine the right spending level for your brand and will help you figure out how to maximize your effectiveness and growth on TV. It really is that simple.

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