Recapping Our Second Episode Of Simulmedia Live: The State of Television Advertising – Past, Present and Future

In the second livestream of our Simulmedia Live show, SVP Matt Collins spoke to company President John Piccone about the state of TV advertising today. Understanding where the industry is and where it’s headed requires understanding both technology and media, two things Piccone knows well based on the shifts in advertising strategies he has witnessed throughout his various roles in print, digital and TV advertising.

Piccone says using data to target audiences is a concept that is simple yet integral to advertising success, which is why combining modern data analytics with traditional linear TV has resulted in consistent success over the years.

He says some marketers don’t change methods;, they instead change where they invest.

Piccone says the role of data in advertising has become so integral it has altered the supply and demand paradigm.

And marketers aren’t alone when it comes to taking on larger roles in the ecosystem; Piccone says brands are more directly involved in the advertising process today than ever before.

Piccone says despite seller consolidation in TV, advertisers that listen to audience analytics and adapt their campaigns will thrive.

He acknowledges that change can be intimidating, but old-school marketers need to adjust their strategies to account for what their audiences are telling them in the data.

Piccone says marketers shouldn’t base campaigns off of CPM alone.

Lastly, Piccone emphasizes the importance of consistently checking campaign insights to adjust the target audience to account for more unexpected viewers.

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