How Simulmedia Helps Brands Optimize for More Site Traffic and App Downloads

Grace Mashore

Product Marketing Manager

Simulmedia optimizes for lower cost-per-visitor by looking at most effective dayparts, days of week, and networks in terms of total audience reach and attributed site traffic.

Today’s most innovative brand marketers often measure brand health by the amount of site traffic and mobile app downloads or usage their media is contributing. We’re fans of this because it’s giving brand marketers quantifiable ways to assess their efforts and prove the value of their work.

If you’re looking for ways to boost customer volume on site or in app, Simulmedia can help. TV campaigns that run on Simulmedia’s ad platform drive more website traffic and app downloads and usage, resulting in more customers for our clients.

Simulmedia strives to increase your customer volume, but not the cost to reach them. For more than a decade, we’ve proven in order to deliver the most cost-efficient campaigns with unduplicated reach, brands must take advantage of television’s mass scale.

This is a tall order, though. A provider must be able to forecast when and what the target audience will be watching during the campaign, have access to the applicable networks, possess the ability to plan and buy quickly, and then optimize on the metrics that matter most to a brand.

We’ve heard firsthand the challenges marketers experience when trying to scale performance with TV advertising: stagnating or declining target audience reach, lack of vendor transparency, and slow reporting.

Here are the most common symptoms to watch out for:

• Media buyers are unable to act fast enough, failing to turn insights into optimizations.

• Increasingly, you find your TV marketing efforts are getting more expensive and less effective at acquiring customers or increasing awareness.

• You’re unsure how to improve future campaigns because your provider isn’t giving you the reports fast enough or allowing for the necessary transparency to make an informed decision.

• Your campaign’s reach has plateaued and lacks breadth, while your cost-per-visitor steadily increases.

Simulmedia addresses these problems, allowing brands to confidently scale their TV advertising spend by continuously optimizing towards ad spots that are driving the most incremental reach and best cost-per-visitor performance.

How Simulmedia Decreases Cost-Per-Visitor Over Time

Here’s how we can quickly and precisely optimize your campaign

Phase 1: Gain Significant Signal

• We take into account the spots that have generated measurable performance in past flights, such as site visits and app downloads. If your brand has never been on TV before, that’s okay. We have enough experience working with new-to-TV brands to get you started with a plan that will generate meaningful signal on what spots are performing best.

Phase 2: Initial Optimization

• We optimize first on daypart, because after a couple weeks of generating significant signal, we will have the most granular insights on which dayparts are performing.

• After optimizing on daypart, we optimize even further for day of week and network, always focusing on increasing customer volume and driving down your cost per visitor (CPV).

Phase 3: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

• At this point, we’ve fine-tuned your campaign to continuously drive scaled performance. Expect more networks, more breadth of spots and more digital visits.

Real example of change in CPV over time

A consumer financial services company that provides thousands of brands with audience data counts on us to build and optimize their TV campaigns. Their TV goals are simple: increase unique reach to drive site visits while decreasing CPV over time. We drove an average 10,000 additional pageviews per day - totalling close to 1,500,000 overall additional pageviews over the course of the campaign. We did this all while continually driving the CPV down resulting in an overall CPV decrease of 62%.

Chart showing decrease in cost-per-visitor over duration of campaign

The brand was able to reach and convert more new site visitors each week because we knew where to find these unduplicated target consumers. Can you imagine what a campaign with real-time insights, targeted buying, and smart, rapid optimization could do for your brand?

Download the full one sheet to learn more about how we can drive incremental customer volume for your brand today.

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