The Fast Five - How to Scale on TV: Featuring Real Campaigns, Data & Results

Mary Grace Scully

Communications and Content Manager

After each episode of Simulmedia Live, we pick out the five most informative minutes of the whole livestream. That way, if you’ve missed the show you can still catch the “SparkNotes.”

Greg Fitzgerald, a marketing consultant with experience helping brands such as Blue Apron, Brooklinen and Mixtiles catapult their growth, and Matt Collins (our show’s host) recently co-authored and published a playbook called “How To Scale On TV.” This could explain why it appears that Greg and Matt can almost finish each other’s sentences during our most recent episode of Simulmedia Live with Greg as our guest.

Whether you’re new to TV, or experienced but eager to learn new strategies for navigating today’s fragmented landscape, this playbook will answer all your questions about mastering the art of scaling on TV. It also sheds light on which so-called “best practices” maybe shouldn’t be practiced.

If you find yourself with time on your hands while working from home and want to help your brand crush its performance goals next quarter, download a free digital copy of the playbook and watch the full episode here.

Without further ado, here are The Fast Five.

Your brand’s ‘magic’ frequency should be 1.

If you’ve been advised that higher frequency leads to higher conversions, Matt and Greg urge you to disregard. We’ve proven that brands’ conversion rates, whether it be for app downloads or web traffic, are at their highest when they go from a frequency of zero to a frequency of one.

Don’t sacrifice performance for flexibility.

The playbook includes case studies detailing the reasons why three very different brands (an e-commerce, a mobile app and an over-the-counter medication) all reduced or quit using direct response (DR) inventory. If you’ve been deliberating which type of inventory to buy, this mobile brand’s story will help you decide which type to avoid.

Think of TV as prospecting that’s akin to Facebook.

Brands coming from a background in digital often aren’t sure how to assess and target on the new medium. Greg puts TV in a more familiar perspective by comparing outcomes brands have come to expect on Facebook to the realistic outcomes they can expect on TV for the same budget.

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