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Marissa Guzzo

Marketing Analyst

Brands need to differentiate themselves from competitors from the get-go. However, marketing is often one of the last functions that founders at tech startups hire, which can be a costly mistake.

Emily Heyward, co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Red Antler and author of Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love from Day One, joined us to discuss the critical importance of building a brand as early as possible. Red Antler is a firm that builds “brands for startups that are changing how the world works.” She talks about the importance of having a universal problem to solve, why brands need to be consumer-centric, and what brands should be doing now to maintain good rapport with their customers.

The Fast Five

After each episode of Simulmedia Live, we pick out the five most informative minutes of the whole live stream. If you didn’t catch the show, we’ve got you covered with the essentials.

Without further ado, The Fast Five.

1. “It always starts with the consumer.”

Emily believes that the very first question you should be asking when you start a brand is what problem are you solving for your consumer. Your brand will only succeed if you can tap into a need that is already there. Dig deeper to get to the heart of your brand and have a coherent solution for your customers.

2. “Strike a balance of specificity and universality.”

You don’t want a small and narrow business that’s solved by one single feature. Emily says that by tapping into a universal truth that is bigger than the brand itself, you are able to have impact and create a brand that tracks results. She provides an example here:

3. “Performance marketing alone can’t drive a business.”

While proprietary technology was previously a huge advantage, tech is readily accessible for everyone. Right now, Emily says it boils down to how your brand will exceed expectations beyond performance and form a connection with the customers, beyond just a functional relationship.

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