Re-engage Viewers for Broadcast Mid‑Season Return

The Challenge

A large broadcast network needed to re-engage its program’s viewers after a 3-month mid-season hiatus. The network was also interested in seeing how Simulmedia performed compared to its base plan.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Target

    With 27% of the budget, run a one-day campaign targeting frequent viewers of the program to bring them back to the mid-season premiere.

  • Prediction

    Analyze past viewing data of the client’s target audience and predict the audience’s future viewing behavior to optimize the campaign’s performance.

The Results

  • 900k

    Simulmedia reached more custom target viewers than any other network on the plan, over 900k of whom were not reached by any other network.

  • 43%

    Simulmedia had a 43% lower A25-49 cost per converted viewer (CPCV) than the base plan.

  • 35%

    With only 27% of the campaign budget, Simulmedia was responsible for 35% of the program conversions attributable to the campaign.

Additional Insights

Simulmedia measured the campaign’s performance down to the spot level to further optimize future campaigns. Top-converting spots included promos that ran during:

  • Image alt text 1 23% conversion rate

    You Gotta Eat Here! on Food Network

  • Image alt text 2 17% conversion rate

    Snapped on Oxygen

  • Image alt text 3 16% conversion rate

    Bates Motel on A&E

image sources:,, www.A&

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