National Retailer’s Innovative Use of Oracle Audiences Shows Value of Transparent TV™

With a directive to drive new customer acquisition and sales growth during the holiday period, a national retailer leveraged new 3rd party data sets for its advanced TV strategy.

Every retailer has certain dates circled on the calendar, but they all have one day in common: Black Friday—the kickoff to the year’s most important shopping period.

Transparent TV can help retailers during this critical time of year. As a National Retailer was considering its TV advertising strategy for the 2017 holidays, it was especially focused on driving new customers and growth in a few select departments. This retailer had already worked with Simulmedia to activate campaigns based on their robust CRM database, but the retailer’s marketing team also wanted to experiment with complementary data sets they thought might help them achieve their goals.

An Advanced TV Breakthrough
Knowing the Retailer’s passion for innovation, Simulmedia introduced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Oracle Data Cloud, which offered brands the ability to use 3rd party data to target behavior-based, granular audiences on the full scale of national TV (as opposed to addressable TV or OTT). The Retailer knew this would enable them to reach a different set of likely customers, and therefore believed it would deliver the growth they were looking for during the holiday season.

Building A New Target Audience
To execute this approach, Simulmedia worked with the Retailer and Oracle to create a custom audience target that was 15.2% the size of the TV viewing universe. Drawing from a customer profile shared by the Retailer, Oracle and Simulmedia built custom audience segments that could be reached across national TV.

Optimizing Based On Past Insights
In addition to the change in targeting, the Retailer also saw an opportunity to optimize the their media delivery by applying insights from the last campaign. For example, Simulmedia’s analysis of the 2016 campaign showed that 15 second spots drove conversions at a higher rate than the 30 second spots. As a result, the new campaign was planned with a 70/30 mix of :15s and :30s.

The Results Brought Holiday Cheer
The new campaign was a huge success. Below are a few highlights:

Campaign stats from national retailer.

Between the Retailer’s base campaign and Simulmedia’s advanced TV campaign, the retailer reached 60% of the total national TV audience across 45 networks. The new mix of creative lengths helped drive the campaign’s overall performance, with the :15s delivering conversion at 3x the rate of the :30s with just 20% of the cost. The Retailer was also pleased with the results of the new 3rd party targeting capabilities, with Simulmedia delivering 33% of the unique reach from only 10% of the total budget.

Implementing A Strategy For Growth
Transparent TV offered the retailer the flexibility and control it was seeking, with multiple targeting options that enabled more efficient reach of their strategic target. They have since rolled this strategy out across multiple departments, and are leveraging Transparent TV’s insights to optimize campaigns for future growth.

Given the campaign’s success, the Retailer decided to roll out 3rd party audiences to other departments, complementing the campaigns they were already running with CRM data, and continuing to optimize based on Simulmedia’s in-depth reporting.

This demonstrates how Transparent TV can provide enormous value to retailers and other companies that rely on seasonal sales. Transparent TV gives advertisers the control they’ve been looking for: it offers multiple targeting options that enable efficient reach of more prospective customers and flexible campaign booking to accommodate seasonal variations in intensity. Further, Transparent TV’s additional ability to tie viewing exposure to sales lift and other business outcomes gives marketers visibility into how their campaigns perform and helps them optimize for campaigns for future growth.

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