PeopleFront 2016

PeopleFront 2016 was the biggest PeopleFront ever with over 250 attendees from all facets of the advertising, media, technology, and analytics communities convening to discuss the future of the marketing ecosystem and the convergence around people, outcomes, and ROI.

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Panel One: The View From ‘The Street’
Wall Street Panel
There is no doubt that the future of marketing is converging around people, outcomes, and ROI. But who is leading that charge, and who is playing catch up? What M&A activity is on the horizon? And most importantly, what does this shift mean for economic trends and investors? Wall Street experts will share their thoughts on what’s ahead for all players in the space, how the investment community is responding and what their view are of media and marketing today.

Panel Two: What the Research Says
Researchers Panel
What do we know empirically about where the advertising ecosystem stands? What does the research show about how TV drives ROI? How do Facebook and TV reach complement each other? How will online and offline media influence each other in our increasingly connected environment? Three of the most respected research minds will evaluate the present and look to the future, based on what various studies are telling us.

Panel Three: Connecting the Dots with Data
Data Panel
The idea of cross-channel measurement and data-driven decision-making sounds good, but how does it actually happen? What are companies like Oracle and Neustar enabling when it comes to holistic marketing evaluation? How is the Nielsen currently keeping up with, and adapting to, market trends? And what is McKinsey’s point of view on how the linkage of media outputs with business business will evolve? Hear from companies sitting at this crucial intersection of data, currently, and measurement discuss what is truly facilitating this connectivity.

Panel Four: Buyers & Sellers on the Eve of the Upfront
Buyers and Sellers Panel
Ultimately, the ones who will determine whether this outcome-driven future becomes a reality are those who buy advertising, and those who sell it. How does media selling differ across network families and OTT services? What do brand marketers consider when evaluating their media mix, and what decision are elevated to the C-Suite? What does the future hold for the Upfront model? Brands and inventory owners will close out the day with a discussion on what they’re doing today, and where they’re going tomorrow.

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