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Cross-Platform Planning and Activation Salon with Facebook and Adaptly

People-Based Marketing: Making Spirits Bright Across TV & Social

The Advertising Research Foundation has shown that marketers can gain as much as a 57% increase in ad effectiveness by unifying their strategies across TV and social. But most marketers do not yet have the tools to connect their TV and social media activations.

Why? They lack a common key to reliably connect target audiences across the two platforms. Without cross-platform visibility, they can’t know which customers have been reached only on TV, which customers have been reached only on social, and which customers have been reached on both. Without this knowledge, marketers have not been able to understand the best mix of TV and social advertising to reach the most of their customers and drive the greatest business impact.

Join us for a special two-part salon, the last one in our Salon Series for 2016. We’ll kick off the discussion with Part I, a presentation by Dave Morgan and Daniel Slotwiner from Facebook about Cross-Platform Planning. Then Michael Zimbalist will interview Nikhil Sethi from Adaptly for Part II, a fireside chat about Cross-Platform Activation.


  • Daniel Slotwiner

    Director, Advertising Research Facebook
  • Nikhil Sethi

    Co-Founder Adaptly

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