Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some Simulmedia basics, covering everything from what we are to what we do,
and some of the partnerships that make it possible.

  • How do you prove the performance of a campaign?

    It all comes down to data, and we have a lot of it. Depending on the advertiser’s campaign goals, we take the relevant 1st or 3rd party data and match it directly with ad exposure to determine things like return on ad spend, conversion lift, unduplicated reach, and more. We are also willing to adapt our attribution models to an advertiser’s preferences, and will work with their media mix modeling company for a broader measurement of success.

  • Everyone has data. How is your approach different?

    We offer an end-to-end solution that includes targeting, planning, and activation—and it’s driven by data every step of the way. First we connect 1st or 3rd party data sets with our national viewing panel to create a custom target audience. Our platform then analyzes the second-by-second viewing data of every household in the custom target and forecasts what the target audience will be watching during the campaign flight. With this information, the platform evaluates the probability of every ad being seen by the target audience and selects the combination of spots that will maximize target audience reach in the most cost efficient manner. We activate this performance media plan, and after the campaign, close the loop by using multiple data sets to match exposure to action.

  • Are you addressable? Programmatic?

    Neither. We consider ourselves to be a data-optimized television advertising solution. Addressable offers a direct match, but it doesn’t offer the scale of national TV. Programmatic implies an automated end-to-end buying process. And while much of what we do is automated, we execute our ad buys manually to ensure the greatest target-audience reach, at the best price, across the broadest set of available inventory.

  • What kind of reporting do you offer?

    Our client dashboard lets you see things like reach, impressions served, and GRPs amassed throughout the campaign, but what sets Simulmedia apart is our ability to report on specific business outcomes. Our Performance Analytics team takes a deep dive on your campaign KPIs to present you with results for things like return on ad spend, conversion lift, unduplicated reach, and more.

  • What are your sources of data?

    We use data from multiple 3rd party sources in such categories as demographics, psychographics, credit card data, purchase propensity, viewing behavior, and more. We are also able to match a brand’s CRM or 1st party data to our viewing panel in a privacy compliant safe haven. To see some of our data partnerships, click here.

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