Drive revenue while delivering the best possible game experience

Opt-in, rewarded and in-game broadcast ad formats for FTP and live service games across Console and PC. Simulmedia's platform provides game developers a path to increased ARPDAU, while protecting player experience.

Why Simulmedia?

Simulmedia provides a permission-based, player-friendly approach that can be closely monitored by game developers.

Increase Player Engagement

Enhance player experience by putting ad viewing in control of the player on console and PC games.

Rewarded Ads

Delight players by providing virtual goods or currency in exchange for watching an ad.

Privacy Safe

Protect player privacy by leveraging contextual placements, rather than individual player information.

Content Control

Get full control over what ads are shown to your players. Game developers can review brands and their creative before they run.

Generate Meaningful ARPDAU

Increase your average revenue per daily active user by tapping into the $70B TV ad market with brands that pay a premium for access to gamers.

Gamers Want Rewarded Ads

Players like getting free rewards and content. By providing accretive content in exchange for an ad view, developers can expect increased engagement, sentiment and purchase intent.


Percentage of Console and PC gamers who want the option to watch ads in exchange for in-game rewards


Average number of ads per day that players are willing to watch in exchange for in-game rewards


Percentage of gamers that agreed watching rewarded video ads allowed them to play the game title longer

Rapid & Light Integration

Monetize rapidly without compromising player experience or using developer time by leveraging Simulmedia's lightweight ad library that does not consume virtual or physical memory.

Download documentation on Simulmedia's Ad API and step-by-step process for integrating into Simulmedia's platform.

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