How VAMOS Works

The Complete Solution For Data-Optimized Linear TV

From creating a strategic target to building Performance Media Plans, VAMOS powers superior results for marketers.

  • Create A Target Audience

    Using multiple 3rd party data sets or a brand’s 1st party data (matched in a privacy compliant manner), our VAMOS platform connects consumer attributes with viewing data from millions of households to create a target audience of likely customers.

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  • Predict What They'll Watch

    Our platform analyzes the second-by-second viewing data of every household in a brand’s target audience and uses a patented algorithm to predict what they’ll watch during the flight of the campaign. After finding the combination of spots to maximize efficient target reach, the platform builds a Performance Media Plan.

  • Activate At National Scale

    With national, non-preemptible inventory sourced specifically for each campaign, the Performance Media Plan complements the brand’s base plan by prioritizing unduplicated reach, minimizing wasted frequency, and driving more of the desired business outcomes.

  • Close The Loop And Optimize

    Simulmedia demonstrates a campaign’s performance by tying exposure to action and reporting on conversion, lift, ROAS, and more. For the first time, advertisers can also see how TV ads perform at the spot level and use audience insights to optimize future campaigns. Media metrics are available daily on a web-based dashboard.

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