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The Complete Solution for Data-Optimized National Linear TV

TV remains the most powerful advertising medium to move markets and drive results. From predictive planning to actionable reporting, we’re built to help you create more customers.

  • See What Your Web Visitors and App Users are Watching on TV

    Place a small piece of code on your website and start to receive insights about your visitors’ TV viewing behavior, including their top shows, genres and networks. Have an app? You can get the same insights by utilizing our partnerships with mobile measurement providers like Appsflyer and Kochava.

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  • Create a Target Audience

    Using multiple 3rd party data sets or your 1st party data matched in a privacy compliant manner, we connect consumer attributes with viewing data from millions of households to create a target audience of likely customers. We can also create an audience based on what your website visitors and mobile app users are watching on TV to reach people likely interested in your brand.

  • Predict What They'll Watch

    Our software analyzes the second-by-second viewing data of every household in your target audience and uses a patented algorithm to predict what they’ll watch during the flight of the campaign across the entire national TV landscape.

  • Activate at National Scale

    Reach your customers at scale quickly and cost-efficiently by leveraging our network-direct relationships with more than 130 national TV networks, with access to all programs and dayparts, ensuring minimal wasted frequency and increased unduplicated reach.

  • Close the Loop and Optimize

    We tie exposure to action and report on web visits, app installs, lift, and more. You’ll get a clear understanding of TV’s impact on your digital activity in real-time, see how your ads are performing at the spot level and we’ll optimize your campaigns based on the performance and media metrics that matter to you.

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