Connected TV Case Study

How Simulmedia Drove Incremental CTV Reach for a Financial Services Brand

A leading financial services company with experience running linear TV advertising wanted to grow awareness and adoption of its free digital product that helps people improve their credit scores, targeting A18-54 with HHI under $100K likely to rent homes or buy cars.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How the brand used Simulmedia to understand distribution of viewership across entire TV landscape.
  • How to find incremental audiences on CTV.
  • How to pinpoint the most cost-effective impressions to boost overall reach.
About Simulmedia

Unlock Audiences Wherever They Are Watching

An Audience-Based Approach

Simulmedia Is the only truly national, cross-channel TV platform providing surgical precision at scale. We go beyond age/gender demos to target the best audience for your campaign using first- and third-party data. Then, we find this custom-built audience across all of TV.

Guaranteed and Optimal Inventory

Our unique Budget Recommender tool takes into account audience-viewing behaviors and inventory supply dynamics across linear and CTV to recommend the optimal channel split for reaching your targets and driving the KPIs that matter most to your business.

TV Buying Made Simple

We eliminate complexity and friction in TV planning, buying and measurement in today’s fragmented cross-channel landscape, lifting the burden on the advertiser.

More Transparent Than Anyone Else

We make results available in your interactive, personalized Simulmedia Reporting Hub, providing a holistic view of your campaign’s linear and CTV components (including networks, channels, dayparts and creative).

Incremental Isn’t Incidental

With access to premium inventory over 500 networks, publishers and platforms across linear and CTV, only Simulmedia can maximize scale while driving incremental reach in order to efficiently and cost-effectively message to your target wherever and whenever they tune in.

Ready to Reach Audiences Across All of TV?

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