Simulmedia Is First to Launch Guaranteed TV Ad Campaigns Using TRA's Purchase Data

Originally posted on Marketwired

Simulmedia, a targeted television advertising company, along with TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA), the largest provider of syndicated single-source TV viewing and purchase data for advertisers and TV networks, today announced that they have launched a program for Simulmedia to guarantee advertisers the number of targeted purchasers viewing TV advertising (TRA’s Purchaser Ratings Points or PRPs). The TRA PRPs enable Simulmedia to predict likely auto and grocery purchasers’ TV viewing behavior and target TV ad campaigns based on this information. Simulmedia’s purchase data targeting and media delivery guarantees differentiate it from traditional networks, which still only guarantee on age/sex/demo impressions.

TRA matches set-top-box TV tuning data with anonymously gathered data from 37 million shopper cards used at 20 grocery retail chains, 115 million auto registrations, and prescription data from more than 1.6 billion prescription orders.

Simulmedia’s technology platform uses TRA’s PRPs to project future viewing behavior of likely purchasers in order to help CPG, automotive, retail, and pharmaceutical companies reach their customers on TV by targeting them more granularly in order to achieve better results with their TV advertising campaigns.

“TRA is a leader in the use of the consumer purchase behavior for media and our partnership with them is an industry first,” says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia’s CEO. “The industry needs to move beyond age/sex demos. Adults 18-49 is not a demo, it’s a family reunion. A heavy cereal purchaser PRP guarantee, for example, is far more targeted and less ‘spray and pray.’”

“Simulmedia continues to be a force in the industry in creating more value for buyers and sellers,” says Mark Lieberman, Chairman of TRA. “Simulmedia’s use of TRA data underscores our data’s value in helping marketers connect with their past, present and future buyers to best allocate ad buys, and ultimately, drive sales lift to help bring TV ad targeting to a whole new level.”

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