The Future Of TV Advertising Puts People First

The advertising marketplace is trying to define its future while that future is unraveling in real time. Fragmented viewing, massive data sets, and digital marketing’s outcomes-based measurement are pushing the TV industry to reinvent. The downside of inaction would show the 2014 upfront as the beginning of the trend, rather than the blip that analysts like Brian Wieser think it is.

When we hosted the first-ever PeopleFront in September, we hoped people would understand and align with our vision. We showed that consumers are more than just a demo they live lives that no longer conform to 9 to 5 jobs and primetime viewing patterns. Marketers from Kimberly-Clark and Campbells Soup engaged with media execs from Discovery and Turner. A healthy debate between them and Nielsen was a rare on-stage treat.

Rather than tell you what we think, watch the video below to see what the industry thinks of a people-led revolution in how to place TV ads:

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