Colgate, MINI Talk Digital's Impact On TV Planning

Posted in AdExchanger
By: Kelly Liyakasa

“Our audience is not a mass audience,” said Lee Nadler, marketing communications manager for MINI USA. “We’re trying to reach less than 1% of the market. It’s not a demographic. It’s an interest and we want to try and attract more people with the MINI mindset.”

MINI doesn’t rely solely on TV buys to reach a mass audience without a concrete goal. Its ad during the last Super Bowl focused on a rebranding of its four-door Cooper Countryman model.

“When we do television, it’s to change awareness and perception of MINI as just a small and cute car,” Nadler said. “TV is much more of a perception play. Although MINI used to take a much more linear approach to the sales funnel – begin with TV and segment out and retarget visitors once they hit the MINI site – it’s reevaluating that approach.

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