Simulmedia to Guarantee Better Business Outcomes Than Traditional TV Buys Using Audience-Targeted TV

Impression-to-Impact Guarantee Assures Advertisers “Higher Return on Ad Spend”

NEW YORK (March 5, 2015) Saying that traditional measurements such as GRPs and daypart deliveries alone do not capture television’s true impact on business outcomes, Simulmedia, the pioneer in bringing audience targeting to television advertising, today announced a new program that will guarantee that its audience-targeted TV ads will produce better business outcomes than traditional buys.

“We directly connect ad placements with the business outcomes they deliver to show that properly targeted TV ads have bottom line impact. For too long marketers have been given metrics that only prove that their ads were served in a context that promised to reach viewers meeting certain demographic specifications,” says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. “We want to change the media conversation to business outcomes. While reaching TV audiences at scale is getting harder, we take the risk out by showing and guaranteeing that audience targeting can and will impact sales and revenue.”

For $1 million placed on its Audience Network for one month, Simulmedia will guarantee a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) against any advertiser’s designated target business outcome as compared to their concurrent TV advertising base campaign. The program will deliver ads to target audiences across a national footprint of cable networks and operators and not only provide traditional media output measurements but also directly measure the impact of the TV ad exposures and audience targeting on marketers’ most important business outcomes. This will enable advertisers to compare ad effectiveness between Simulmedia’s target audience approach and their concurrent base ad schedule. The guarantee will correspond to the ROAS benchmark currently used today, or another agreed-to business outcome.

“We will guarantee to outperform against any business outcome advertisers choose, from direct matching of TV ad impressions against a universe of credit card and debit transactions by over 60 million U.S. households - to directly matching TV ad impression viewing data to an advertiser’s first-party customer data (e.g. customer transaction records, CRM, loyalty card, web/mobile data) using privacy compliant best practices,” says Mr. Morgan. “If we fall short on ROAS, we will make good on the percent of the benchmark that we fall short, in the form of future media credits.”

Simulmedia, Inc. ( is the leader in helping advertisers and agencies find targeted TV audiences. By taking a digital approach to linear TV advertising, the company delivers targeted audience reach at national scale. Its Simulmedia Audience Network reaches 110 million households across the US through partnerships with over 84 national cable networks and the top multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs). Based on a proprietary analysis of second-by-second activity for over 50 million people, Simulmedia determines the best options to extend the reach of campaigns to specific target audiences, and places advertising across those disparate TV networks. Since they began in 2009, Simulmedia has used their technology and inventory relationships to help more than 100 advertisers and their agencies target, deliver, and measure hundreds of TV campaigns, and on average reached their target audience 32% more efficiently than they were able to with traditional TV ad scheduling and targeting methods alone.

George H. Simpson

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