Simulmedia Launches VAMOS

NEW YORK (June 4, 2015) Simulmedia, the leader in driving guaranteed business outcomes for advertisers through the power and scale of linear TV, today announced the launch of Video Advertising Marketing Operating System (VAMOS®). VAMOS, a data-driven ad targeting and optimization platform, uses data, science, and software to target and reach audiences on the largest footprint of linear TV inventory. VAMOS uses predictive algorithms based on purchase likelihood and granular behavioral characteristics to optimize media against consumer behavior, a sharp contrast to traditional TV planning systems based on broad demos. From a measurement perspective, VAMOS completely replaces legacy industry methods of measuring TV based on data fusions and look-alike models. Rather, VAMOS calculates ROI for TV campaigns, tying actual sales (as measured by client data or credit card transactions) directly to set-top box viewership.

VAMOS is the first massively scaled, people-based targeting and measurement platform for linear TV. It ingests viewing data, census data, and panel data that powers Simulmedia’s prediction methodologies, scientific algorithms that are 50x more accurate than standard media measurement panels. VAMOS also has access to the largest amount of linear TV inventory, with the ability to serve over 6 billion weekly impressions reaching 95% of U.S. TV households.


“Simulmedia’s investment in data has made them a good partner with the AMC Networks,” says Arlene Manos, President, National Advertising Sales at AMC Networks. “The platform has been able to uncover inventory value in counter-intuitive places, which is useful both for clients targeting specific audiences, and for AMC to do increased business with clients of Simulmedia.”

Going one step further, VAMOS ties spot-level exposure to actual business impact, proving the ROI that its TV campaigns generate.

“Simulmedia’s targeting and science deliver consistent, predictable, provable ROI for my TV campaigns,” says Jackie Poriadjian, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at UFC. “What Simulmedia delivers takes the uncertainty out of TV execution, since I know what my TV spend will return.”

This impression to impact connection via privacy-safe household matches is unprecedented, and shows advertisers that TV investment generates measurable results for their bottom line.

VAMOS has been built for additional partnerships and data integrations, featuring API-friendly architecture enabling Simulmedia to quickly grow a people-focused TV ad ecosystem. Networks can plug into VAMOS to manage inventory yield maximization, and clients can integrate first-party CRM data for full closed-loop reporting. Viewing data is ingested from various sources such as FourthWall Media. Other third-party currency, targeting, and purchase data are onboarded from Nielsen, MRI, Nielsen Buyer Insights, and 60 million credit cards.

“We are strong supporters of Simulmedia’s vision to utilize our set top box data in an actionable way,” says Bill Feininger, President, FourthWall Media. “Simulmedia is a seamless partner to work with in order to anonymously match television viewership data with sales data, and to keep exploring other use cases as the TV landscape continues to evolve.”

As the ecosystem expands, VAMOS will allow partnerships with Digital DMPs for cross-platform campaign targeting and measurement, and marketing analytics companies for additional performance insights.

“VAMOS puts Simulmedia at the forefront of leveraging big data technology in the world of TV,” says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia’s Founder and CEO. “And as advertisers move more cross-channel, VAMOS will move with them, keeping Simulmedia as the clear technology leader in audience-targeted and ROI-optimized advertising.”

Simulmedia, Inc. (, a New York based marketing technology company founded in 2009, is the leader in driving guaranteed business outcomes for advertisers through traditional TV marketing. Simulmedia’s platform is powered by the world’s largest database of information on what people watch and buy, combined with access to TV inventory that reaches 95% of U.S. TV households. Using its proprietary science and software, Simulmedia reaches specifically-defined audience segments on TV at massive scale, matches consumer purchase data to TV viewing data, and determines the actual sales impact of the advertiser’s TV campaign. The results Simulmedia delivers are guaranteed.

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