How Data is Changing the Face of Television Advertising

By Rebecca Kaykas-wolff

Originally posted on Oracle’s Blog

Historically, TV advertising has been an industry dominated by negotiating inventory up front, months in advance of airtime, based on standard demographic (sex/age) information and gross media rating points (GRPs) associated with each show or program. The majority of TV advertising is still purchased with these segments in mind, but due to audience fragmentation, buyers are trying to find the best audiences for their messages and the appropriate media mix to deliver it with segmented TV as part of it.

Added, on the publisher side of the house, fewer shows are able to stand out with large audiences of their own. As a result, it is getting more challenging for individual shows and episodes to stand out and be valued uniquely.

Clearly, there is an opportunity to bridge the gap and gentrify this model for both advertisers and publishers. Data management and data activation are key to aligning TV with best audiences and inventory to archive maximum results and sustain repeatable results.


Tapping into consumer engagement and purchase data allows brands to measure TV in a new and more meaningful way that allows measurement to be aligned with marketing and advertising goals. This provides for the ability to deliver a great customer experience that also meets business results.

At Oracle, we place data intelligence at the center of all that were delivering on behalf of our customers and their customers, and we help enable through the screens or touchpoints that matter most. We believe that by placing data at the center of business strategies, as well as marketing tactics, we are enabling our customers to deliver the best brand experience that connects customers to the information and content that matters most.

As the industry of TV advertising evolves, were partnering with companies like Simulmedia, an audience targeted television advertising company based in the US, to enable best in breed capabilities that help our customers get the most out of linear TV advertising placement. Last week we announced our AppCloud partnership with Simulmedia that specifically addresses TV measurement tied to real marketing activity: data tracked in the DMP such as purchase and customer engagement.

Available immediately through the Oracle Data Management Platform, Oracle (DMP) data is available to be passed to Simulmedia’s Video Advertising Marketing Operating System (VAMOS) to help deliver that additional layer of insight that has previously been challenging to connect - ensuring that customer & prospect engagement data can be used in the context of measuring linear TV.

This is one of the first times the industry can see the direct audience connection to TV ad buys, furthering the ability to attribute overall customer journey and campaign success through channels that matter most and in the way that is most meaningful to our customers.

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Editor’s Note: Todays Post comes courtesy of Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Data Management Platform.

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