What the Simulmedia, TiVo Research partnership means for data

By Kristina Knight

Originally posted by BizReport

Kristina: Why have Simulmedia and TiVo Research entered into a partnership whereby TiVo Research has validated Simulmedia’s methodology behind its Business Outcomes (Return on Ad Spend) product?

Peter Giordano, Vice President of Marketing, Simulmedia: This is part of a larger initiative where Simulmedia will partner with several known third-parties who are viewed as neutral and experts in the world of data-driven advertising, measurement, and ROI.


Kristina: Why is this partnership important to Simulmedia?

Peter: Simulmedia leads the industry in offering capabilities around Business Outcomes, but we want to get ahead of any concerns with the fact that we own the methodology and measurement. To that end, validation of our methods by a known third-party supports our accountability. It is important for Simulmedia to have approval and validation from multiple partners, to further confirm that we are best of breed. TiVo Research is seen throughout the industry as a pioneer in matching advertising exposure to purchase information, and as such they are a very well-respected partner to approve of our work in the same area. This partnership gives Simulmedia another “checkmark” of approval from an independent observer. It is important to have companies who validate our methods.

Kristina: How did you do it?

Peter: Through collaboration and transparency between both companies, TiVo Research has been taken through all of Simulmedia’s calculations, methodologies, and direct matching work. After carefully evaluating and auditing all of these processes, TiVo Research has given us their “stamp of approval.” Additionally, TiVo is working with the Simulmedia team to develop its own Business Outcomes report that will be made upon request to Simulmedia advertisers.

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