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The Advertising Research Foundation to Unveil Groundbreaking Research at Re!Think 2016

The Advertising Research Foundation (The ARF) is pleased to present results from its latest groundbreaking research initiative at its annual Re!Think 2016 conference in New York City March 14 -16. This original research synthesizes data from more than 5,000 global campaigns across television, print, radio, digital and mobile platforms representing $375B in advertising spend. In addition, meta analyses of hundreds of studies and original neuroscience experiments were conducted. At Re!Think, The ARF will deliver to the industry conclusive findings with an immediate action plan at a scale not seen in over 20 years.

“At this year’s Re!Think conference, The ARF will be unveiling our research study: How Advertising Works Today,” said President and CEO, Gayle Fuguitt. “Through original research and meta-analysis, we will definitively and scientifically answer the questions every marketer and C-Suite executive is asking regarding spend and cross-platform strategy. Marketers, for the first time in decades, will have a roadmap for impactful investments proven to build brand loyalty and drive greater sales growth through smarter spending.”

Marketers are spending more on analytics than ever before, yet they still struggle to answer the simple question: “Do my marketing dollars drive growth and sales?” At Re!Think, ARF researchers and industry thought leaders will answer this and many other relevant questions. Their insights will:
1. Provide action plans for better investing across multiple platforms including traditional television, print and radio, digital and mobile.
2. Deliver new insights on how new media, be it mobile or digital, actually complement traditional media vs. duplicating.
3. Present new findings using neuroscience to establish clear actions for today’s marketer, including the imperative to: “create great creative”.
4. Present quantifiable evidence that additional billions in sales currently left off the table could be achieved through smarter spending.

The modern consumer is on the go, global and often an elusive target using narrow, limited marketing practices. It is imperative that marketers reevaluate their brands’ approaches now in order to build brand relevance and connect with today’s consumer for the future. Speakers at this year’s conference include representatives from The ARF as well as a diverse range of media categories. Sponsors include: CBS VISION, Nielsen, Simulmedia, comScore, Google, IRi, iSpot.tv, Millward Brown, NeuroInsight, Oracle Data Cloud, Research Now, and Zappi Store.

Presenters include: CBS, Nielsen, Pepsi, Heineken, AT&T, Under Armour, BBDO NY, Facebook, Google and Unilever.

With the complexity and choices that consumers face every day, The ARF has set the highest priority on this new original research to clearly deliver actionable, simple steps that translate science into sales, build brands and drive multi-digit growth.

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