Dave Morgan: Currency of TV Planning has Fundamentally Changed, It’s Personal

By Andy Plesser

LAS VEGAS – Powered by the digital media world, TV ad selling has shifted from selling shows to selling people in a fundamental shift says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia.

He says this shift has been made all the more clear by recent declarations about audience targeting at the TV Upfront from networks and programmers including Turner and NBC Universal. And highlighted by new products from Nielsen and other data companies.

Morgan also talks about progress with Simulmedia including recent partnerships with Neustar and Facebook. The highly regarded entrepreneur also has some thoughts on navigating through the rough waters of adtech and in the uncertainty from Brexit.

We interviewed him this week at the Nielsen global customer conference.

This video is part of a series produced at Consumer 360. The series is sponsored by Nielsen. Please visit this page for additional segments.

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