Simulmedia Unveils Insights from Cross-Channel Campaigns Utilizing TV and Facebook

Year-long research effort with Facebook establishes foundation for brands seeking to optimize cross-channel TV performance

New York, NY (November 15, 2016). Simulmedia today unveiled insights and analysis from an on-going research project with Facebook. The premise of the work is that if planners were to start their TV and digital buying from scratch and freed from the limitations of siloed measurement methodologies, they could focus on reaching people, irrespective of channel, and thereby improve the performance of their video advertising.

Simulmedia worked with Facebook to measure cross-channel ad exposure, which provided visibility into the entire path to purchase. Working together with a group of clients, Facebook and Simulmedia shared targets in order to analyze how media plans performed, and how future campaigns could be improved.

Key findings from the research include:
- Highly valued targets can be missed when planners assess only one channel
- There is a powerful cross-channel frequency effect
- People reached at least once on both Facebook and TV convert at a much higher rate

“Audience fragmentation requires a new playbook for advertisers built upon single source datasets that inform people-based media activations,” said Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. “For TV advertisers seeking performance, the synergy effects of adding social video can be profound. We are proud to have partnered with Facebook for this groundbreaking initiative and look forward to working with our clients to apply these findings to their campaigns.”

Brad Smallwood, Facebook VP of Marketing Science added: “People don’t live in silos. Planning and buying shouldn’t either. With the fragmentation of media, it is incumbent on clients to review their buys and make sure that they are maximizing reach against their targets.”

This research was presented today at the ARF West Conference. The presentation is available here.

About Simulmedia
Simulmedia ( is a New York based marketing technology company founded in 2008. Simulmedia’s Performance TV® platform is unique in its ability to plan and activate data-driven TV campaigns for national advertisers that target and reach the most profitable audience segments quickly, efficiently and at scale. The platform is powered by a massively scaled single-source data-set that blends TV viewing behavior with actual purchase data. Using Simulmedia, brands can achieve unprecedented precision in TV targeting, optimize their target audience reach, convert more customers, and grow their business.

Michael Zimbalist
CMO, Simulmedia

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