Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, is Making TV Advertising More Targeted

Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, is shaking the antennas on television sets to more closely align commercials with their right audience.

“We’re using technology and data to change the way ads are currently sold,” Morgan told FierceCEO.

Currently, ads are bought in bulk and are scheduled randomly, which may have worked well enough when there were only 25 channels on TV.

But now they have hundreds of channels, making it all-important that the right commercial is seen by the right viewer, Morgan said. “People are not getting ads that are relevant to them.”

What Simulmedia does is collect data from cable and satellite companies, so it knows exactly what people are watching in different households.

It puts that information into a database in the cloud, and it built a software platform that analyzes the information and combines it with data about what people are buying.

With that information, brands and television stations “are better able to schedule their TV ads and better drive results,” Morgan said.

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