TV Must Put Marketers In Charge: Simulmedia’s Morgan

When you run a mass medium like TV and the largest advertising channel in the world, you hold all the cards. At least, you used to.

TV operators are familiar with setting the terms of the deals through which marketers get to buy air-time – even the very process which leads to deals getting done at all.

But, in an age where digital media have ripped up rules of other advertiser funded channels, TV must also learn to let advertisers have more control.

That is the view of Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, a company whose platform helps marketers better target TV viewers.

“The future of all marketing and all advertising is building products and building processes that are centered on the advertiser,” says Morgan in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“They must exert more control, we need to let them determine the actual inventory they take on a spot-by-spot basis much more. We need to let them make decisions.”

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