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Our VAMOS Platform

We apply data, science, and software to the world of linear television.

Simulmedia’s Video Advertising Marketing Operating System (VAMOS) platform is the first massively scaled, people-based targeting and measurement platform for linear TV. VAMOS uses predictive algorithms based on purchase likelihood and granular behavioral characteristics to optimize media against consumer behavior — a sharp contrast to traditional TV planning systems based on broad demos.

From a measurement perspective, VAMOS calculates ROI for TV campaigns, tying actual sales directly to set-top box viewership. This capability replaces legacy industry methods based on data fusions and look-alike models.

VAMOS has been built to work with many data integrations, to allow us to evolve as the media ecosystem keeps changing. As more data sets emerge and converge, VAMOS is ready to ingest them, use them, and move with the times.

Viewing Data
Second-by-second TV viewing from set-top-boxes and Nielsen to analyze TV viewing behaviors.
Purchasing Behaviors
Consumer transactions sourced from advertiser CRM databases and third-party credit and debit card providers.
Person Attributes
Additional psychographic, attitudinal and personal preference insights.
Inventory Access
Direct relationships with 80+ Nielsen rated national networks, and additional inventory access through 9 of the top 10 MVPDs.
Data Integrations
Enables software integrations and synching to different data ecosystems.
Analyzes an audience’s historical viewing behavior to determine where that audience will be watching TV in the future.
Evaluates every available inventory unit to create the most efficient plan for reaching an advertiser's desired target audience.
Assesses campaign’s performance against both media metrics and business outcomes.

Inside VAMOS

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    Cloud-based, massively scaled platform

Rapid, Interactive Post-Campaign Reporting

The INSIGHTS application is a self-service online portal through which clients can access reporting for their campaigns, request future campaign options, and receive fast and interactive results.

INSIGHTS gives marketers information about both the campaign they ran with Simulmedia, and their other TV media as well.

By putting results rapidly and directly into the hands of marketers, INSIGHTS ensures that data can be used quickly and intelligently to optimize future media decisions.