How to Get Data-Driven Creative That Turns Heads

Meryl Draper, CEO and founder of Quirk Creative joined Matt Collins, Simulmedia’s SVP of Marketing, to discuss how her agency is helping brands both young and more mature produce better creative. Quirk delivers them in a way that makes them easy to test, with an eye toward delivering better business outcomes. Meryl is a dynamic leader, a real renaissance woman, and we here at Simulmedia are huge fans of her and her company. However, we aren’t the only ones: she was recently named to Business Insider’s “Rising Stars of Madison Avenue” for building an agency that is truly setting the standard of creative excellence.

During this episode, Meryl addresses the myths associated with TV creatives like price and duration, how the ‘Quirk experience’ is a completely unique business experience, and how it has
remained a pitch-free agency for over five years. Plus, she explains why 2020 is the year for advertisers to experiment with creative testing, and more exciting “three flame emoji” creatives.