Classic Marketing Strategies That Will Power Growth

Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg, Global Leads at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, a unit within LinkedIn, provide valuable critical thinking that can help marketers make better choices about the strategies and tactics they choose. They joined Matt Collins, our SVP of Marketing, for a conversation about the timeless ways marketers should think about powering growth in 2020.

Both with global backgrounds in strategic communications for big brands, the two bring a critical, and often funny, take on the so-called “best practices” in modern marketing. Jon and Peter pride themselves in being contrarians, and they’ve produced a firm but smart analysis of the top classic marketing tactics, a research report called The Principles of Growth in B2B.

Despite its name, these principles apply to B2C as well. Watch the conversation to hear how these five principles can power sustainable, tangible growth for your brand:

• Invest in share of voice
• Balance brand and activation
• Expand your customer base
• Maximize mental availability
• Harness the power of emotion