No Kentucky Derby? No Problem. How to Reach Your Audience Without Live Sports

Saturday, May 2nd, would have marked the 146th Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately like many other live sports, it has been postponed. But just because you have to miss out on watching the race doesn’t mean you can’t advertise to the people who would have watched it but can’t.

In a world without live sports, advertisers and their agencies must reach their target audiences while they are watching other programs on TV. Doing this cost-efficiently at scale is really hard, but Simulmedia can get it done. Simulmedia’s Erica Meyer, VP of Account Management, and Nico Ricci, Chief Data Scientist, joined us to walk-through how for less than the price of one Derby 30-second ad, Simulmedia can reach more Derby viewers across TV this weekend, in particular, more A25-54 in market for financial services.

They also use Nielsen viewing data to show that sports fans are still in fact watching TV, just in other places. Download the slides we use in the livestream, breaking down the viewing trends, and learn more about the experiment on our blog.