The Unexpected Boom of Self-Improvement

Despite all signs pointing toward a decrease in consumer spending due to recessionary times, tight budgets and high unemployment, the past few months have revealed an uptick in people making investments in themselves. One of the ways in which this is manifesting itself is the increase in learning and self improvement - as seen by the popularity of brands such as Peloton, MasterClass and Babbel.

Julie Hansen, the U.S. CEO of language learning app, Babbel joined us to talk about the unexpected surge in Babbel use. Julie describes the steps her team took to acclimate to working from home and keeping up with demand, including rapidly changing how they measure performance and reworking creative messaging to deemphasize language learning incentivized by travel.

Julie thinks a big reason Babbel has seen so much success is that it provides its users (including Julie who is learning German during quarantine) with immediate satisfaction. Users can walk about from a half hour session with new words and phrases. If you watch this half hour episode, you’ll also feel smarter for it.