Viewer Attitudes About News and Advertising Are Changing: What Brands Need To Know

Newsrooms are innovating the way they capture and report the news, even taking on civic responsibility to instil trust. The more brands and their agencies understand the evolving relationship between viewers and their news sources, the better their decisions will be about how best to advertise in the medium.

Seth Geiger, Founder of SmithGeiger, a market research firm; Nicole Bergen, Founder of Elevate, SmithGeiger’s revenue focused advertising research division and Andrew Heyward, Senior Researcher for TV news at the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University, as well as the former President of CBS News, are leading the way.

They shared new research illustrating how viewers are watching news in droves and relying on their local newsrooms for essential information and guidance, all made possible by innovations in news coverage that benefit the viewer experience. Overwhelming evidence shows that even though the nature of the news might be dark, advertiser’s messages need not be.

Instead, they should reflect the reassuring nature of the local newsrooms and reinstate trust and comfort by showing viewers how their product or service can uniquely give them value, not remind them of monotone, “miserable” circumstances “in these uncertain times.”