Visualizing an Evolving Future: How Change Brings Opportunity

Betsy Morgan, the Co-Founder of Magnet Companies, joined us live to share her perspective on the future of consumer behavior and the importance of finding opportunity amidst chaos. Her impressive media background (senior vice president at CBS News, to CEO of HuffPost), lends an incredible conversation about how we need to be innovative and what that means in the world of digital and TV.

In Magnet Companies, Betsy helps companies maximize their reach, engagement and revenue by focusing on consumer-oriented properties at the intersection of content, community and commerce. Betsy also sits on the boards of TripAdvisor, The Skimm, Trusted Media Brands, and ChartBeat.

The lack of interaction in the world today is an opportunity for businesses to bring their brands to life and foster community. Betsy shares her advice on the importance of introducing shared experiences, the companies who do it best, and how this strategy can help brands succeed now.