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A Springboard to Transformation - Evolving Brands for a Post-Pandemic World

Updated: Sep. 24, 2021
Published: May. 25, 2020

Many agencies are beginning to look at the turbulence in the market as an opportunity to create new value for their clients. The ability to guide clients through change with creativity and innovation are rare traits, ones that our three guests possess.

Sam Bloom, Ben Cooper and Alex Richter of Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media are helping their clients reimagine the cornerstones of their businesses, including their brands, operations, customer service and more.

They joined us to talk about how they’re advising companies in the current pandemic to make healthy, durable changes for their businesses, customers and employees. Alex discussed the “first, best and only” conversation they’ve had with clients to help them differentiate their brands and stand out, Ben explained why “proposition is key” to delivering what customers need, not want we think they need to hear brands say in messaging, and Sam foreshadowed how this “digital shot in the arm” will require brands to modify their offerings to keep up with changing consumer habits. It’s a conversation that brands and agencies alike will want to watch.