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TV Pitches, Mobile Catches - Full-Funnel Media with Kochava

Published: Dec. 10, 2019

Charles Manning, CEO and Founder of Kochava, joined us on Simulmedia Live to discuss how mobile and TV can - and should - work together for effective media campaigns.

Charles tells Matt Collins, Simulmedia’s SVP of Marketing, that all marketers should have a solid approach and strategy to think about mobile and data from a signal perspective. This requires identifying signal on each channel correctly to avoid over-generous attribution. He gave the example that oftentimes marketers attribute a spike to Facebook and move the needle in that channel’s favor, when really it should have been attributed to their TV campaign. Charles says without the right toolset, it’s next to impossible to gain clear signal and act on it.

Cue the Simulmedia and Kochava partnership: “If you’re a marketer and you’re spending money on TV, specifically national, and you have a mobile property, there’s no question that you should be engaging with us together,” Charles said. “It is a composite solution set that gives you clarity of signal, associational lift, an iterative feedback loop for retargeting.”

Check out the whole video for a discussion on how Charles built Kochava, what top-of-funnel marketers should know about mobile, how to get viewing data on what mobile customers are watching, and so much more.