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Viewer Attitudes About News and Advertising Are Changing: What Brands Need To Know

Updated: Sep. 24, 2021
Published: Jun. 09, 2020

Viewer attitudes are changing towards news as newsrooms revamp their reporting techniques. By understanding these shifts, brands and their agencies can better their decisions about the ideal ways to advertise during news on the local and national level.

Three experts on news and the relationship viewers have with it joined us to discuss their recent research that brands and their agencies will certainly want to be aware of. Andrew Heyward, a senior researcher for TV news at the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University, as well as the former President of CBS News, describes how news has taken on a permanent community service role. Seth Geiger, Founder of SmithGeiger, concurs that news is a trusted source of information and a fantastic advertising opportunity for businesses to associate their brand with sentiments of respect.

Nicole Bergen, the founder of Elevate, concludes that businesses should take advantage of advertising on the news by intentionally showing how their products and services better the lives of Americans. Our conversation is stocked-full of insights that will help you be a prudent decision-maker in the face of an ever-changing environment.

Discussion highlights

1. Engage and commit to your audience; they want to know you care.

Seth encourages brands to capitalize on the sentiments of gratitude news stations garner. Showing how your brand can better the lives of your consumers and offering them some sort of satisfaction through your ads can drive growth.

2. Be sensitive yet firm with your messaging.

Advertisers need to take advantage of the current climate. As Nicole indicates, consumers are looking to spend money, so it is instrumental to take action and mindfully implement ads to gain market share.

3. Take advantage of increased enterprise reporting.

Reporters continue to bring refreshing content to viewers creating a rich audience and ideal advertising environment. As Andrew concludes, this new content can play an instrumental role in helping advertisers increase their reach.