We've been reinventing TV advertising since 2008.

Our Story

Simulmedia, Inc., a New York based marketing technology company founded in 2008, is the leader in driving business outcomes for advertisers through traditional TV marketing. Simulmedia’s VAMOS platform is powered by the world’s largest database of information on what people watch and buy, combined with access to TV inventory that reaches 95% of U.S. TV households. Using its proprietary science and software, Simulmedia reaches specifically-defined audience segments on TV at massive scale, matches consumer purchase data to TV viewing data, and determines the actual sales impact of the advertiser’s TV campaign.

Simulmedia uses science, data, and software to target audiences at national scale, and drive business outcomes for advertisers.

Our History

  • Simulmedia Begins

    October, 2008

    Simulmedia is launched with three employees, a few shared desks, and a vision to change TV advertising.

  • First Tune-in Campaign

    September, 2009

    Simulmedia runs its first tune-in campaign to help a television network draw more viewers for one of its shows.

  • First General Market Campaign

    January, 2012

    Simulmedia runs its first general market campaign with a non-tune-in customer.

  • 5 Billion Impressions/Week

    October, 2013

    Simulmedia is now able to serve 5 billion impressions a week thanks to our extensive partnerships with dozens of networks and service providers.

  • First Patent

    January, 2014

    Simulmedia receives first patent for methodology of closing the loop on tune-in promotion.

  • First Business Outcome Guarantee

    March, 2014

    Simulmedia executes first-ever TV campaign guaranteed against actual business outcomes and Return on Ad Spend, rather than just GRPs and media outputs.

  • West Coast Office Opened

    May, 2014

    Simulmedia expands to the West Coast with the opening of our San Francisco office. Starting with 2 people, we now have 8 people and counting.

  • First PeopleFront

    September, 2014

    Simulmedia holds the first-ever PeopleFront, an audience-centric spin on the traditional upfronts, discussing the future of people-based, data-driven TV advertising.

  • VAMOS Released

    June, 2015

    After months of improving its existing technology, Simulmedia officially releases VAMOS, the first massively scaled, people-based targeting and measurement platform for linear TV.

  • SimulX Launched

    July, 2015

    Simulmedia launches SimulX, a cross-team initiative specializing in helping advertisers with little or no television experience. The first product out of SimulX are Burst campaigns, which are short, targeted campaigns specifically for app developers.

Simulmedia has raised more than $60 million from blue chip venture investors, such as:

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