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Infographic: If Not Simulmedia, Then What?

Mary Grace Scully
Mary Grace Scully
Published: Mar. 03, 2020

Simulmedia is made up of engineers, data scientists, media experts, statisticians, marketers and more. The one thing that unites all of us though is that we are problem solvers. We built our powerful end-to-end ad platform to help brands, agencies and providers utilize TV for what it does best: create more customers.

Our patented ad platform simplifies media selecting, planning, buying, measuring and optimizing all into a one-stop shop. This invention was dreamt up by experts but is driven by data. Relying on customer insights, viewing history and software takes the guess-work out of running TV campaigns so its outcome is predictable, provable and scalable.

We occasionally hear from advertisers who like what Simulmedia can do but understandably want to explore other ways of achieving the same benefits we offer. We’ve found time and again that pursuing these alternatives requires either cobbling together different technologies that weren’t built to play nicely, hiring a lot more people, or some combination of the two. Even then, these options still fall short of the customer creation Simulmedia’s end-to-end platform produces.

Simulmedia drives scaled performance on TV quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly. We make it easy for advertisers, too, by working directly with agencies to complement your existing efforts, including TV that you might buy in the upfronts or through sponsorships.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out our case studies, or contact us to be put in touch with an existing Simulmedia client.

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Infographic highlight TV advertising alternatives to Simulmedia's TV advertising platform solution.

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